10 Day Detox

10 Day Detox

My 10 day detox is complete. There are a lot of detoxes out there – I’m referring to the one created by Dr. Mark Hyman, author of the book by the same name and also the NYTimes bestseller, The Blood Sugar Solution The book was pretty thorough and I only gave it […]

Tiger vs Rory vs….Tianlang Guan??

If you took the top 3 golfers from 3 different generations, who developed their skills thousands of miles from each other and had them hit the same shots side by side – would you be able to determine what it takes to be a great golfer? Would there be any […]


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Brandel Chamblee…Sextape?…Jumping the Shark?

Brandel Chamblee has been in the golf news a lot lately for his comments about Tiger Woods rules infractions over the past season. Is this Brandel Chamblee’s sextape? That is to say, an attempt to get media exposure by doing something outrageous? Or his version of Jumping the Shark? I […]