I’m Marc Diaz. I like golf.

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a professional golfer. I played a few mini tours, went to Q-school once and I finally came to the realization that those guys are damn good. And it is tough to make a living as a professional golfer.

I still have a dream of playing inside the ropes one time.

I built this website on the idea that others may be interested in some of the same things as me.

…What does emerging science and tech have to improve my golf game?

…What can I learn from the world’s best golfers?

…How can the world’s best athletes/fitness experts/mental coaches improve my golf game?

…What’s going on behind the scenes on the PGA Tour?

…What’s it like to be under intense pressure and how can you bulletproof your golfgame to withstand it?

If these things are interesting to you also, then stick around and check back often.