Brandel Chamblee…Sextape?…Jumping the Shark?

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Brandel Chamblee has been in the golf news a lot lately for his comments about Tiger Woods rules infractions over the past season.

Is this Brandel Chamblee’s sextape? That is to say, an attempt to get media exposure by doing something outrageous? Or his version of Jumping the Shark?

I don’t think so. Brandel has always been a Tiger hater and his comments were just a continuation of that.

I met Brandel Chamblee once.

It was a long time ago and I forget the exact year, but I think it was 1988. I was caddying that week for Stan Utley (super nice guy and now world renowned golf instructor) at the St. Jude Classic at Colonial Country Club in Memphis, Tennessee.

Let me reiterate that I have never been a full time caddy, so the half dozen times when I have caddied, it’s been quite enjoyable and I really enjoyed chatting with the players and other caddies.

This was during a practice round and Brandel was nice enough…we chatted a little about college golf, my team (Memphis State) had recently competed in the NCAAs (I didn’t qualify for the trip) and Brandel talked about the University of Texas.

Our encounter was brief but memorable.

First, I don’t know if he was just experimenting that week or it was part of his regular routine, but at the top of his backswing, about the time he was transitioning to the downswing, he would let out a burst of air thru his mouth. It was quite forceful. His mouth would be closed and tight enough so that it would make a noticeable noise when he would make this little explosion. I remember standing on the first tee when he did it and the caddies were kind of looking at each other with a thought cloud above their heads with, “WTF? Did you see/hear that?” Brandel is kind of a smallish fellow anyway so this little noise made it seem like he was really putting every ounce of might into the shot. Golf’s answer to Monica Seles.

Did this blowhard move foretell a career in the television booth?

I seem to recall that he explained it later to the other players, but I don’t remember his explanation – care to comment Brandel?

The second thing I remember was that he had a hot girlfriend following him around and occasionally, she would come over to the ropes and they would walk with their arms around each other with the gallery rope between them. It was almost like they were at the mall.

But, instead they were walking in the rough at a professional golf tournament…in stifling heat….and they were grown ups. Women will make you do funny stuff.

Because of this early encounter with Brandel, I followed his career over time and if I ever saw an article or interview with him, I’d be sure to read it.

Was Brandel’s criticism of Tiger an effort to get the golfing world to look back at him?

I just wonder if the Brandel in the booth would offer the same level of criticism of the blow hard, lovey dovey Brandel that he does of Tiger.