How I Hired A Bestselling Author to Be My Virtual Assistant for $49/year

mambo dogface to the banana patch   Google SearchThe internet has gotten out of control.

When I type a search query into the google box and hit enter, I get tons of results in a fraction of a second.

I just want 1 or 2 answers. Maybe 3 or 4 if I’m doing some research. The rest of those search results are like someone adding a bunch of zeros to your paycheck (on the right side of the decimal point).

I’d even wait a full second or more to have some really “on target” results.

For me, “on target” means a search result relevant to my query and from a trusted source. I know that may be too much to ask for a computer, but it’s still what I want. And people want what they want.

I decided, I don’t really need a search engine – I need a curator.

So I got one. He’s almost like a virtual assistant, except better, because he doesn’t require any management.

I tasked him with keeping me abreast of the best books, trends, business ideas and generally how to stay on my “A” game.

His name is James Altucher and he is a best selling author. And he only charges only $49 for the first year.

Each month, my curator (James) finds and reads books for me about business, biographies about inspiring people, psychology, personal development, health & wellness and other topics he thinks I might be interested in. He then writes short summaries of the books so I can decide which ones I may want to dive deeper on and read myself.

Also, on a monthly basis he gives me some ” bigger” ideas to think about for possible investments or career choices. How to get in front of trends, or even specific companies to watch or investment ideas to research further.

If you want to hire James, he is now taking on more clients << click here >>.